⚔️The Combat System

In Battledog Arena, players will have to be strategic in order to emerge victorious in combat. The game features a point and merit system based on Attack and Defense points. These in the end show a player's aggression in gameplay and their stamina. Each player starts off with 100 attack and defense points after activating their battledogs.

After minting your battledog, you need to use the Approve button to enable the game spend wMantle tokens from your wallet anytime you attack a player. Approval of wMantle is required to enable valuable gaming functionalities.

Use the Activate button to activate your battledog immediately after minting them. This is required to enable valuable gaming functionalities.

After doing this you can go to the game Arena to fight other NFTs in the game. Ensure you have approved a very good amount of wMantle as you will spend a small amount each time you attack other players NFT battledogs.

The Assault button enables you to attack players directly by stealing 20 attack points from them and adding it to yours. However, if the targeted battledog has a much stronger stamina or is of a higher or equal level to your battledog, only 10 points will be awarded to you. So it's good you level up your battledogs as fast as you can.

In addition to direct assaults, players can also use the Debilitate button to slowly but surely weaken their opponents. This kind of attack allows you steal 20 defense points from your enemy and add these points to your defense. This indirect form of combat allows players to enhance their own strength by whittling away at another battledog's power. Same rule applies here if the targeted battledog has a much stronger aggression than your battledog, or is of a higher or equal level to your battledog. Only 10 points will be awarded in that case.

Players are encouraged to respond to both direct assaults and subtle debilitations in order to establish themselves as strong and unrelenting opponents. By doing so, players can increase their wins and participate in other rewarding tasks in the game. A win is every time you gain 100 additional points.

A win can be claimed for both an assault or a debilitation using the Claim Assault or Claim Debilitation buttons. You can ONLY claim a win when you have 100 additional points in your attack or 100 additional points in your defense during the course of the game.

The game is also designed with a Weaponize button and also a Regenerate button which battledogs can use to boost their attack power or defense power respectively. These handy functions do come at some cost in wMantle tokens and attract no rewards for use.

Ultimately, the game is designed to be strategic and challenging, requiring players to carefully consider their choices and always be on their toes in order to emerge victorious. With life on the line, it's important to always have your wits about you and never let your guard down.

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