Seizing Advantages.

There are a few taxable advantages for those with wMantle tokens to utilize to gain an better hand when fighting a far more powerful enemy. Or in the case of a blitz attack. Or a battle with an alliance.

The Weaponize object can boost your Battledogs attack power by 20 points.

Same can be said of the Regenerate object which boosts your defense by a factor of 20 points. Both these icons can be found on the right menu in the game.

Although this is advantageous, this advantage isn't free as a total of 1 cent in wMantle tokens will be required to boost your attack or defense. Ultimately, the decision hereafter on how much wMantle tokens is required to weaponize or regenerate will be left to the Battledog DAO to determine. But these boosters are there if you need them.

50% of this fee is collected while the rest is kept in the smart contract reserve to reward gamers.

The last thing you need to know is you can rename your Battledog at any time and at no cost by using the Rename object in the game.

These objects you can access in the menu on the right.

And with that, we come to the end of gameplay.

Best of luck!

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