Talking Dogs

Barely a year and a half ago, in a secretive military base, there lived three well-trained military dogs named Beet, Mantil, and Kreu known jovially in the base as the Bit Mantle Crew as these three are eternally together. Despite their remarkable skills, they were often undervalued by the human scientists who worked there. These scientists had dedicated their lives to studying the space-time continuum, hoping to unlock the secrets of the universe. Little did they know that their experiments would lead to catastrophic consequences.

On this fateful day, while Beet, Mantil, and Kreu were patrolling the perimeter of the base, the human scientists conducted an experiment that went horribly wrong. A blinding explosion of light erupted from the laboratory, creating a shockwave that echoed across the cosmos. This event caused a chain reaction, as interdimensional portals collided with one another, threatening the very fabric of the multiverse.

In the aftermath of the explosion, the inhabitants of the base began to notice strange phenomena. Bit, Mantil, and Kreu discovered they could communicate with each other using speech, a skill previously thought to be exclusive to humans. This newfound ability allowed the three dogs to form an even stronger bond, as they shared their thoughts and fears about the uncertain future.

As the days went by, the effects of the experiment became more apparent. The laws of physics had been altered, and gravity seemed to be losing its grip on the world. To their amazement, some of the humans and dogs found themselves able to fly. This newfound power brought a glimmer of hope, but it would also prove to be a double-edged sword.

As word of the explosion spread, it caught the attention of an interdimensional slaver race. Drawn by the chaos and the promise of easy prey, they descended upon the Earth, their eyes set on enslaving humanity. It was at this moment that the true extent of the damage caused by the human scientists became clear. A massive, apocalyptic war erupted, pitting the inhabitants of Earth against the slavers and their multiverse armies.

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