Just as it seemed that victory was within reach, a shocking revelation came to light. In a desperate attempt to save their universe, the human scientists responsible for the initial explosion had made a deal with the slavers. They had offered the slavers Earth in exchange for sparing their own universe from the destructive effects of the portal collision.

This betrayal shook the morale of the defenders, leaving them questioning the very cause they had fought so hard for. However, Argo, Bragi, and Caeli refused to give up. They knew that the fate of countless realms was at stake, and they would not allow the selfish actions of a few to condemn the multiverse to oblivion.

With renewed determination, the three dogs led a final assault against the slavers, who had grown complacent, thinking their victory was assured. Argo, Bragi, and Caeli used their powers to devastating effect, breaking through the enemy lines and reaching the slaver's leader.

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