🚦Current RoadMap

A detail list of where Battledog Arena is headed.

  • Deploy Battledog Arena on Goerli testnet

  • Deploy Battledog Arena on Mantle!

  • Constant Upgrades to improve Gameplay.

  • Milestone: 1,000 Daily Active Gamers.

  • Using our novel Proof Of Gaming function, hold 1st Gamers' Vote via Battledog DAO Governance to determine Activate, Assault, Debilitate, Weaponize and Regenerate fees for the Mantle Ecosystem.

  • Milestone: 5,000 Daily Active Gamers.

  • Milestone: 10,000 Daily Active Gamers.

  • Deploy Multisig Wallet and Transfer Ownership on Battledog Arena to the multisig.

  • Using our novel Proof of Gaming function, hold 2nd Gamers' Vote via Battledog DAO Governance to determine who holds access to the Battledog Arena Multisig alongside the Contract Deployer.

  • Milestone: 50,000 Daily Active Gamers!

  • Run a full audit of both the Dapp and the Smart Contract with Certik.

  • Expand into more blockchains alongside the Mantle Ecosystem.

  • Milestone: 100,000 Daily Active Gamers!

  • Incorporate multi-chain gameplay and dynamics.

  • Milestone: 1,000,000 Daily Active Gamers!

  • Feature additions, NFT redesigns.

  • Deploy Battledog Arena 2.0 with interactive MMPORG gameplay and dynamics.

  • List GAME token on multiple CEXes.

  • Milestone: 10,000,000 Daily Active Gamers!

  • Using our novel Proof of Gaming, hold a DAO to determine how we become socially responsible like build a hospital, a refugee shelter, or other charitable causes

  • Expand. The sky holds no limits.

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