4. Attack or Debilitate?

Now that we have successfully, activated our battledogs, we are fit to begin battle.

You will discover your Aggression, which is your attack power is at 100. Same goes for your Stamina, which is your defence power. This will also be at 100.

There are before you two possibilities: To assault or debilitate another battledog. You will find these buttons in the dapp.

Now, all battledogs have a unique identifier, this ID you can insert in any gameable function to target that player. So if you choose to attack or debilitate another battledog, you will need to know that Battledog's ID.

Once you attack a player, the normal reward you would receive would be 20 points to the attack type. So if you chose to assault a player, you should receive 20 attack points. If you do receive 10 points means the defense of the Battledog you are assaulting is starkly greater than the power of your attack. The only other reason would simply be the player is of a higher level than you are, so the first chance you get to level up, do it!

It is important to note all battledogs are minted serially, meaning the total supply minted determines the range of battledog NFTs you can assault or debilitate. Click on The Informant to know the total number of enemy Battledogs minted in the game. As well as the all known Battledogs activated for Battle in the Arena. For any Battledog to engage another battledog for gameplay that Battledog NFT needs to be activated for combat. Only then can it be included in the Arena. Click on the number activated to show the leaderboard of fellow Battledogs available for combat in the Arena.

The associated fee for either assaulting or debilitating a Battledog will be set at at 20 cents ($0.2) in wMNT, but ultimately this decision is left to the Battledog DAO to determine what's the best price for activating one's Battledog to begin gameplay.

10% of this fee is collected while the rest is kept in the smart contract reserve to reward players.

  • You must know you cannot attack the Bit Mantle Crew, which is the first Battledog ever minted with an ID of 0. This is a celebrity battledog and a collectible. Doing this will cause your transaction to fail.

  • You must know, you can only attack each battledog once every 24 hours. So be ready! (A clever way around this, is to own more than one battledog, taking the battle to the enemy on multiple fronts.)

  • You must also know that you can only assault or debilitate a maximum of 1000 battledog NFTs. Once this is exceeded, you'd have to reset your timer at the Reset Timer button in the right menu after your limit has been reached.

Violating any of these aforementioned points will surely cause your Attack or Debilitate transaction to fail.

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